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Car and Bike Accessories

Born out of the minds of three astute businessmen, AutoFurnish is India’s leading online destination for car and bike accessories with over 100,000 SKUs. 

Puneet had the idea of starting a business while studying at IIM-B. Back home, Ruppal had already gotten started on an auto accessories business and was looking for ways to grow it. Puneet brought his IT chops, while Ruppal had an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Soon, Chakkit joined to supercharge the marketing - and AutoFurnish started taking shape.

There was a clear vision for the three - deliver quality product innovation at affordable prices. The auto accessories industry hadn’t seen a lot of innovation till then, and the founders took that blue ocean by storm. 

With a large list of products, came a huge influx of demand. The company adapted quickly and even developed an in-house ECommerce ERP that was tailored to their requirements. This helped them to manage multi-level and just-in-time inventory across marketplaces. 

Soon, the buyer traffic on was giving competition to their numbers on leading marketplaces such as Amazon & Flipkart. AutoFurnish, had arrived! 

Puneet believes that there were a couple of things that they did differently, the most important one though, was how they managed their team, and the vast network of distributors.  

“You can’t just delegate tasks to people, and expect them to make decisions. You also need to delegate power to them.” - Puneet Arora, Co-Founder and CEO, AutoFurnish
AutoFurnish was born with a vision to revolutionise the highly unorganised market of auto accessories in India. At UpScalio, we’re committed to continuing the movement and building a world-class online destination for every automotive enthusiast. 

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