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High-end Kitchen Appliances

While working in healthcare, Nehal observed a peculiar issue. People were reaching out for care once diseases had already progressed. By that time, doctors could only treat symptoms and the cause would get sidelined. The patient’s lifestyle wasn’t even a focus. 

Hestia was created to build India’s healthiest homes, starting from the kitchen. Nehal developed lifestyle-focused electronics such as high-quality cold-press juicers and mixer-blenders. 

While Hestia is primarily a product company, Nehal has always run it as a service. Hestia was one of the first brands to provide a nutritionist-on-demand option so that customers could maximise the use of their products. Even the customer service and repair department was never outsourced, which is at odds with how the industry operates. 

“We supply to hospitals, so our customer service can’t be anything less than perfect. Our appliances cater to so many different health areas - weight loss, diabetes control, and even cancer patients. It’s our responsibility to educate the customer on how to get the best out of their purchase.” 

The incredible tech behind Hestia, and Nehal’s customer obsession was bound to pay off. Hestia soon started competing with India’s best electronic manufacturers, and even beat out companies that were selling the products at lower prices. They’ve been in the Top 3 companies on Amazon in their category for years now, and intend to hold their apex position. 

When asked about advice for other online entrepreneurs who are just starting out, Nehal had this to say. 

“Just jump into it, the ecosystem is here to support you. Build customer support obsessively, and aim to convert your customers into brand ambassadors. Success is bound to follow.”
Building India’s healthiest homes is no easy task, but at UpScalio, we’re driven by tall challenges. Powered by Hestia’s staunch commitment to the customer, we’ll get there soon! 

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