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Apart from being an incredible brand, Polestar is a sign of the times for the 2010s era of entrepreneurship in the country.

In 2013, Pranay Sehgal had been manufacturing cricket kits, hockey stick covers, and other sports-related bags for a decade. He was among the premier suppliers to the world’s leading sports companies and was comfortably running his business.

But E-commerce was fast approaching and more and more businesses were shifting online to build their own brands. Pranay had a creative bent of mind, and an incredibly able tech-focussed partner in his wife, Priya.

It took less than a month for the idea to become a decision, and Polestar was born.

The transition from bulk B2B orders to individual D2C orders was tough, but the duo chose to focus on the upsides of E-Commerce. Compared to B2B, billing and payments weren't an issue anymore and they could pilot and launch many more products and variations online. With time, they even managed to instil a 9-5 workday for themselves - something that was impossible in their earlier business.

From 2015 to 2022, there’s a lot that has changed for Polestar. From the quantity of orders to the number of products, activity has increased multifold. Though, what hasn’t changed in these years is the founder’s virtue of commitment. 

“You have to be bang on with your commitment, there are zero excuses in business.”
- Pranay Sehgal

Polestar is one of the few design-led brands in its industry and is able to capitalise on trends at an unmatched speed. The brand understands what people are looking for and maintains a singular focus on delivering that at an incredible value.

At UpScalio, our aim is to take this design-led innovation to an even larger mass while adhering to the high quality standards that the founders have set.

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