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There’s customer insight, and then there’s customer obsession. Green Soul Ergonomics is built on the latter. 

Ravi Khushwani was (literally) breaking his back running a successful Amazon consultancy, when he started hunting for a good chair that could support his long hours. Much to his dismay, he couldn’t find anything suitable on the market. 

Born out of that dismay, was an idea to provide India with high-quality ergonomic furniture that was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. Ravi was already aware of how online marketplaces operated, and he had a strong hold on logistics. had already taken shape, it was just a matter of the first sale now. 

From product development to the post-purchase experience, Ravi took a perfectionist approach to all of it. Every product was developed from scratch, and he travelled to all corners of India to source the best raw materials. He got on customer calls himself, trying to understand the tiniest details of their issues and even developed quality video content showing how to install the chairs. In the event that wasn’t enough, he facilitated live video calls for customers. 

“When we started, the initial feedback told us that it was an expensive product. At the same time, a cousin of mine was suffering from backache, and had spent lakhs on doctors and treatments. He spent 30K on a Green Soul chair once, and his backache hasn’t come back since.” 

The commitment to his customers, and Green Soul’s effort was paying off. 

In 2016, they were in the Top 50 chairs sold on Amazon. By early 2018, they were the #1 brand on the marketplace. 
“Success won’t come quickly. Get your fundamentals right, and just be in touch with your customer. Trust the process.” - Ravi Khushwani, Founder, Green Soul Ergonomics
Green Soul has broadened the market for ergonomic furniture in India, and helped lakhs of Indians move towards a healthier lifestyle. UpScalio is committed to taking this forward. Trust us, we’ve got your back! 

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